Game day assignments for Micro are determined by MYSC. Typically games are Saturday mornings and usually start at 8:30, 9:30, or 10:30 AM.

Game day assignments for U8 & up are determined by North County Youth Soccer Association. Fall assignments are posted below.

**The intention is for teams to have one game each weekend for 10 weeks. However, an odd number of teams in a division could result in BYE's and two games in a weekend (one Saturday and one Sunday). Sunday games will not start before 12:00 PM**

  • U8 teams are divided into geographical groups. The NCYSA scheduler may modify the group if it allows for less travel and/or diversity of teams.

  • U9 and U10 teams are placed in divisions designated by their competitive level. NCYSA will use geographical group when applicable but maintain the designated skill level in divisions. This process may mean more than 6 teams in a division.

  • U8 games will be scheduled on Saturday or Sunday. Requests by coaches for Saturday vs. Sunday are considered, but placement is dependent on field availability

  • U9 - U12 teams will play approximately 6 games on Saturdays and 4 games on Sundays.

  • Older ages will be scheduled as follows (Subject to change each year by NCYSA)
    Saturday Sunday
    U13 U16
    U14 U17
    U15 U18/U19